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Predictive Tools for the Sophisticated Analyst and Vertical Solutions Developer

The Predictive Suite integrates the most powerful elements from statistics, graphical analysis, and advanced predictive data mining.  It provides an integrated environment where the experienced analyst can poke & prod the data, test out new ideas, and quickly iterate through the experimental design process.  See the Predictive Suite demo page here.

Predictive Analysis & Execution Engines allow solution developers to integrate powerful predictive data mining capabilities -- directly within their software.  Predictive Analysis Engines expose the Predx Component API's so you can tailor the data analysis & model discovery process to the specific needs of your application.  Popup our user interface elements within your application workflow or develop your own and drive the engine entirely via the API. 

In a live environment, a predictive model is usually a component of a larger application.  Predictive Execution Engines provide the means to integrate Predx models into your operational workflow.  Models are easily deployed in the most common application environments supporting ActiveX & DLL's such as VC++, VB, Excel, etc. 

Predictive Dynamix can also provide customized versions of Predictive Engines for specific client needs.