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Simple is Better

Predictive Dynamix software is licensed on a simple subscription basis


Many vendors offer a large, confusing list of licensing options.  This can get very expensive and leave you guessing what options you really need.


Predictive Dynamix licensing is simple:  You get every feature available in the software -- the cost is determined by the subscription term you choose.


As long as your subscription is active, you may install and use the latest available version of the software.  Renewal subscriptions are charged the then current subscription fee.


This allows Predictive Dynamix to offer an outstanding set of modeling features while dramatically reducing the risk/cost of using the software.

Current Subscription Pricing:

Commercial Subscriptions


Price (US Dollars)

Initial (30 Days)


30 Days


90 Days


1 Year



Academic Teaching Subscriptions

(to arrange student/course pre-authorization contact


Price (US Dollars)

90 Days

$50 per student

90 Days

$1,000 per course

Note:  Predictive Dynamix, Inc. is based in Houston, TX, USA.  If you reside in or do business in Texas, an additional 8.25% sales tax will be charged.  If so, you should press the "in TX" check box when specifying your activation request.  Predictive Dynamix software is not intended to be licensed to users in US trade-restricted countries.


Note:  Every 30 days the software activation status must be "refreshed".  If the activation status is not refreshed, the software will be deactivated until it is refreshed or renewed.  To refresh the activation status on an active license, simply open the activation dialog and press "Refresh Activation".