Intelligent Components Enhance the Value of Your Software Products

Predictive models are core, mission-critical components of decision support applications.  Unfortunately, the model building process usually involves exporting data from its original form (i.e., from inside your software), doing analysis and modeling off-line,  then writing code to deploy the model back into its native software environment.

In order to stream-line the process, we have developed Predictive Engines so predictive models can be readily embedded into other software products.  As a software vendor, this adds sophisticated data mining functionality to your software, enhancing its value to your customers.

Predictive Engines are a natural fit for many software providers, especially those who offer solutions in areas including:


  • Data Warehouse Systems

  • Geographical Information Systems

  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management Systems

  • Document Management Systems

  • Preventative Maintenance Systems

  • Financial Management Systems

  • Process Monitoring & Control Systems

  • Inventory & Category Management Systems

  • Competitive Price Management Systems

  • Fraud Control & Auditing Systems