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Companies are placing more strategic importance than ever on the performance of the marketing function.  Customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation, and supply chain management initiatives are becoming crucial.  Predictive models provide the intelligence behind systems for acquiring new customers, serving existing customers, and improving supply chain performance.

  • Targeted Marketing:  Why waste resources pursuing customer prospects who are unlikely to be profitable?  Predictive models can be developed to determine what characteristics are typical of high-value customers.  Optimize ROI of your marketing dollars by identifying and targeting your message to those most likely to respond. 

  • Churn Forecasting:  For many companies customer attrition is an important challenge.  It is more profitable to keep existing customers than to pursue new prospects.  Predictive models can be developed to classify likely attrition candidates from existing customers.  Sustain and grow market share by retaining the most profitable customers.

  • Intelligent Cross Selling:  Improving "wallet share" is another key marketing challenge.  How do you leverage data related to customer interests and spending habits to turn a marginal customer into a top-tier customer?  It starts by understanding the dynamics that are likely to drive customer interest in various product categories in order to identify key cross sell opportunities.

  • Price Optimization:  How much product will move at a given price?  How to meet goals for profit and volume?  Predictive models can characterize products' price elasticity to help decide overall price strategy and optimize operational pricing decisions on a daily basis.