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Geographical Information Systems Applications

GIS provides a rich platform to integrate location with other data by putting your sites, customers, competitors, etc. on the same map.  Predictive models provide the means to leverage this information into actionable decisions.  (See Geospatial Intelligence for Market Intelligence.)

  • Site Selection: Retail network optimization starts with deciding where to build new sites, which existing sites to keep and rehab, and which sites are chronic underperformers.  Predictive modeling allows a company capitalize on its business experience and learn from their best (and worst) site decisions.

  • Store Operations:  Predictive models are at the heart of psychographics and consumer propensity forecasting.  By understanding the interests and demand for products driven by surrounding demographics, a store's product mix can be tuned to enhance performance.  Understanding local consumer and competitor dynamics can also help in optimizing pricing, staffing, and other operational decisions.

  • Law Enforcement:  Mapping helps law enforcement visualize where crime have occurred.  Predictive models can analyze data for patterns and trends in order to allocate resources and possible prevent additional criminal activity.

  • Natural Resource Management:  Predictive models aide resource management decisions by analyzing species population growth, disease propagation, crop yields, deforestation patterns, air and water quality, temperature, precipitation, etc.