The Predictive Suite Integrates Statistical and Graphical Data Analysis with State-of-the-Art Predictive Modeling

Key Features

  • Automated variable selection identifies key variables & variable interactions

  • Insightful visualization of data and model dynamics

  • Execution of batch commands

  • SQL queries and dataset browsing

  • Pre & post processing for creating variables, constraining outputs, etc.

  • Models easily deployed via ActiveX (i.e., OCX) controls or DLLs

  • Powerful modeling algorithms including: regression, neural networks, self-organizing maps, dynamic clustering, decision trees, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms

See the Predictive Suite demo page here.

Predictive Dynamix Model Types

  • NNDynamix -- Neural network models
  • CMDynamix -- Self-organizing maps & dynamic clustering models
  • FPDynamix -- Fuzzy & continuous logic models
  • RGDynamix -- Regression models
  • DTDynamix -- Decision tree models

See the Predictive Technology page here.

Data & Model Analysis Functionality

Graphical Analysis Statistical Analysis Model Analysis
Scatter Plots (1D, 2D, & 3D) Cross-tab Tool Variable Sensitivity Analysis
Bar Charts (2D & 3D) Variable Cross Correlations Interactive "What-if" Analysis
3D Surface Plots Optimal Sampling & Data Reduction Graphical Decision Surface
Line Charts ROC / Lift Charts DB Execution & Accuracy Stats